The Art and Design

Three Working series from the Artist's Studio

A CONTEMPORARY ARTIST who impacts the viewer with his accentuated vision of color in nature. As an oil painter for forty years, he approaches his canvases as pieces in a puzzle, balancing his compositions with bold colors to excite the eye.

"3’s in Motion with Drama" is my vision of an outlook, a composition, an expression, and an application of color. It is all created in the subconscious movements of my mind’s hand, not in planning. I seem to follow on a journey where my thoughts would never imagine. Continuing to a point where one could begin to feel lost or confused during this spontaneous, creative process, only for it all to come together in the final stretch using "3’s in Motion with Drama"..


A colorfull, fun series that reflects life around us. Painted in a size that makes them easy to collect.

Bound to Earth

Bound to Earth is a story on canvas. It follows a pre-hispanic legend of the Death of the Jaguar.



Form and Formation is a series that captures the emotions and interactions in everyday life.


The Artist

Thom Evans

Bellaterra Studio

I share my 800 square foot Bellaterra Studio with my artist wife. It's name reflects the beautiful, serene surroundings, nestled in the Texas Hill Country. It provides endless inspiration to create for both of us. We live and work in harmony with nature.


Artist's Statement

The Philosophy

American Artist Thom Evans, created at birth to create in life. I  pick a sample from life and isolate it within boundaries. This action becomes my obsession and then my duty as an artist.
My Composition: “Threes In Motion With Drama”.
I examine the view within objects, or perhaps within myself. I enlarge that view, as with a microscope, into the essence of reflected light. Only then, by hand do I apply a medium of expression. It’s now time to share the vision and embrace evaluation of others whether positive or negative.

Thom Evans  



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